Mint Stamps Creation

Hey Planner Community!

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Besides finally getting a break to work on my paper crafts I decided I would make a few Mint Stamps today!


What is a Mint Stamp you ask? Its a small machine created by Silhouette to create custom stamps of your choice.  You can literally create any image you like and print it to its “thermal printing” stamp sheet.  The stamp sheets are available in a range of sizes from 15 mm x 15 mm to 45 mm x 90 mm and the inks are in a wide range of colors as well. The costs have come down significantly on the refills and kits and is very affordable in my opinion.

The two sizes I used today are the 30mm x the 30mm and the 15mm x 30 mm. I used the 30mm x 30mm to create a stamp that I will used on my sewing creations and the back of some of my custom paper crafts. The 15mm x 30mm stamps are used to create a “rescheduled” stamp, a “handmade” stamp, and a “to do” stamp.

30mm x 30mm Stamp Sheets
15mm x 30mm Stamp Sheets








Stamps Created!

Mint Stamps Created 4.9

The rescheduled and to do stamp will go with me when I go to work when I create my daily and weekly plans in my Erin Condren Planner. The other two stamps will be used in my studio when I create my sewing garments and my handmade paper crafts.

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Announcement Winner 1st EC Giveaway!


Thank you for everyone that participated in the 1st Giveaway! There will be another one soon! Melanie M. please be sure to contact me within 24 hours to claim your prize! #plannerbits #ijustplan #plannercommunity #planneraddicts

Giveaway Update

Whew! I am back! With updates, information, and a HUGE apology!

Well as you know no winner was chosen for the contest. Why, because organization hosting my website totally dropped the ball on all things to make me great!


So with that said I am re-opening the contest! Anyone that signed up previously is still in.  I have added a discount code to my website for purchases.. which they did not allow me to do before had me looking at them like ..

Disappointed Planner Face

So finally someone there got tired of me fussing and gave me what I need! The site is back up and running and the contest as well!

If you guys have any question drop them here! Let me know your here for me!

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Grand Opening!

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